Seven Ponds Nature Center

A Nature Sanctuary and Environmental Education Center


Our Purpose

The mission of Seven Ponds Nature Center is to conserve the natural environment of Seven Ponds as a sanctuary for native plants and animals, as a living classroom for environmental education, and as a peaceful retreat for its visitors. The nature center fosters an understanding and appreciation of our natural world and the development of an environmental ethic in the people and communities of Southeast Michigan through education, service as a community resource, and responsible stewardship of Seven Ponds and adjacent lands.
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At Seven Ponds Nature Center we value the natural environment. We believe in the importance of the continuing existence of native plant and animal ecosystems. They are valuable for their own sake and as places for peace, enjoyment, reflection, retreat, and spiritual renewal. We believe biodiversity plays a critical role in the health of native ecosystems and that it must be maintained.

We believe that all people must have an environmental ethic if the natural world is to remain healthy. We believe education and the sharing of knowledge in many forms play a key role in developing this ethic. Environmental concerns must be addressed. A knowledge of the importance of the individual's actions and place is necessary to understand how everything we do affects everything else in the environment. We must recognize the importance of heritage in our teachings and how this heritage affects our lives and our future. At the same time we must be willing to embrace change, as life is ever changing.

The nature center values community involvement as an important part of any group endeavor. We believe service to the community is important and is an integral part of our own success. It is important that our neighbors view the nature center with a sense of pride.

At Seven Ponds we believe the quality of the personal relationships shared by visitors, volunteers, and staff is an important part of our success. We value teamwork, communication, trust, and respect. Our volunteers and staff are a team that values dedication, quality, integrity, responsibility, and creativity. We value and respect individual effort and personal growth, but it is as a team that progress is made and goals are met.

We value our children as our greatest asset, because they are the future. How well the nature center and the natural world as we know it endure, depends upon how and what we teach them. We recognize the value of lifelong learning and a sense of wonder passed from generation to generation.