Seven Ponds Nature Center

A Nature Sanctuary and Environmental Education Center



Assistant Naturalists

These adult classes are held on Saturdays and usually start at 12:00 pm and run to 3:00 pm. Classes are open to Assistant Naturalists only. If you would like to become a part of this rewarding program, contact Katie McKiernan at or call the center at 810-796-3200.

March 16 - Adapt and Thrive

Animals have a wide variety of adaptations they use to survive day to day. Some of our explorer programs talk about this very topic. Get ready to adapt your way of teaching and thrive with a school group.

April 13 - Exploring our Water-Based Programs
Many of our spring programs revolve around the water. From the water cycle to the life cycles of aquatic animals, we love to showcase our ponds. Let’s brush up our skills and get excited about water.

May 11 - Plants, Plants, Plants!

“What kind of plant is that?” This is a question you will hear often when teaching outdoors. Come learn how to identify some of the different plants growing around Seven Ponds.

The Stingers

Friends of Seven Ponds, “The Stingers”, meet at noon on first Monday of each month, April through October. Some like to meet earlier and enjoy lunch prior to our meeting. We depend on the dedication of volunteers like you! For more information contact Senta Rohn at 248-648-0557.
Volunteer Interest Form
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Volunteer Opportunities
Contact Katie McKiernan at or call the center at 810-796-3200 if you can lend a hand in any of the areas described below:

Nest Box Monitors
We are again looking for dedicated volunteers to monitor our bluebird nest boxes this year. This very important opportunity helps us to keep track of not only bluebirds, but also wrens, swallows, chickadees and other small birds that use these boxes. Please contact Naturalist Cathy Wesley

Garden Volunteers
Volunteers are also needed for the various gardens at Seven Ponds. These gardens are a beautiful focal point during the summer months for teaching and reflection. If you are interested in doing general garden maintenance for the Butterfly Garden, the Herb Garden or the Woodland Wildflower Area, contact the nature center.