Seven Ponds Nature Center

A Nature Sanctuary and Environmental Education Center


The Winter Series

Each winter, Seven Ponds sponsors the Winter Series, a series of programs highlighted by noted naturalists and photographers, live animals, fascinating natural history, and enjoyment for all ages. Open to everyone, the admission is $3.00 for adults (free for children under 13 and our members) unless otherwise noted. Come out for one or all of these programs.
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Animal Magic
Mark Rosenthal - Animal Magic Inc.
Sunday, January 29, 2:00 pm
Come experience live animals from around the world as Animal Magic gets us up close and personal with many fascinating creatures. We could see anything from a sloth to a tarantula. Let’s see where this adventure takes us! This will be fun for all ages. Fee: $5.00 per person ($3.00 per member).

Sky Islands, Sweetwater, and Saguaros
Mike Champagne – Seven Ponds Nature Center
Sunday, February 5, 2:00 pm
Southeast Arizona is a spectacular area of deserts, grasslands, and mountains. It is a favorite destination for birders and naturalists, and each visit reveals natural features not seen on previous trips. Today, SPNC Executive Director Mike Champagne will share images and stories from the nature center’s 2016 field tour to the area. It included visits to birding areas around Tucson, the Santa Rita Mountains, Patagonia, the Huachuca Mountains, the Chiricahua Mountains, and Wilcox Playa. It is the sixth birding tour that Mike has led to Southeast Arizona, and participants were treated to great birds, wildflowers, mammals, reptiles, and spectacular scenery. They also enjoyed stays in comfortable lodges, surrounded by natural habitat. Come out to the nature center, and warm up in the sunny Southwest! This is a young adult to adult program.
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Birds & More from Ecuador
Dave Stimac – Photographer
Sunday, February 12, 2:00 pm
Join photographer David Stimac in a birding travelogue from the month he spent in Eduador last winter. From the high Andes to the Amazon, this small country boasts over 1,600 species of birds; 130 of them hummingbirds! Dave will also share some of his recent bird, bug, and bloom photos from close to home.

The Milkweed Community:
More than Monarchs (but Monarchs are cool!)

Don Drife – Independent Naturalist and Blogger
Sunday, February 19, 2:00 pm
Everyone knows about the Monarch Butterfly and its need for milkweed plants in order to survive. But many other insects and some non-insects also make their home in the milkweed community. Join naturalist and photographer Don Drife as he presents a program on the many organisms which feed on and among the different species of milkweeds, and those that make passing visits. This is a young adult to adult program.
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The Art of Tracking
Carrie Spencer – Seven Ponds Nature Center
Sunday, February 26, 2:00 pm
This afternoon will be full of nature mysteries. We will learn all about tracking from; scat, tracks, and other clues. We will also make tracks to take home. This will be fun for all ages. Call to pre-register by February 24.