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The Winter Series

Exploring the winter world can be a wondrous experience with endless possibilities for adventure. If you are not sure what these adventures may entail come out to Seven Ponds, and we can help you out. Look over this winter's offerings of activities and make plans to join as we explore winter's nature. Seven Ponds offers something for everyone from preschoolers and families to adult courses. Mark your calendars for some programs in our Winter Series, Sunday Walks, or WinterFest and let the winter adventures begin! For most information, check out the center website at or call 810-796-3200.

Each winter, Seven Ponds sponsors the Winter Series, a series of programs highlighted by noted naturalists and photographers, live animals, fascinating natural history, and enjoyment for all ages. Open to everyone, the admission is $3.00 for adults (free for children under 13 and our members) unless otherwise noted. Come out for one or all of these programs.
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Perfect Little Planet
Sloan Longway Museum and Planetarium – Portable Dome Theater

Sunday, January 28, 2:00 pm Imagine the ultimate space vacation! Discover our solar system through a new perspective: a family from another star system seeking the perfect vacation spot. Fly over the surface of Pluto, our best-known Dwarf Planet. Dive over the ice cliffs of Miranda. Sail through the rings of Saturn. Feel the lightning storms of Jupiter. Walk on the surface of Mars. Which destination would you choose? Please call to register. Space is limited!

Colorado Birding: Prairies, Foothills, and Rocky Mountains
Daryl Barnard – Executive Director
Seven Ponds Nature Center

Sunday, February 4, 2:00 pm

Colorado is well-known for its Rocky Mountain splendor – where scenic vistas abound around every bend in the road – but it is also a fantastic place to see some amazing birds. Join Daryl Bernard as he shares the birds and wildlife encountered on a recent Seven Ponds Birding Field Tour. We visited Pawnee National Grasslands, the foothills around Boulder and Fort Collins, Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge in North Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Come along as we recount our extraordinary week in “Colorful Colorado.”

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Seven Ponds is Going to the Dogs!
Cathy Wesley – Naturalist
Seven Ponds Nature Center

Sunday, February 11, 2:00 pm
Nights in February are some of the best times to hear wild canines! Coyotes are a fascinating creature. From how they once just lived out west and are now living everywhere. They even in some of the biggest cities, but are rarely seen. Join naturalist Cathy Wesley for a howling fun afternoon learning all about the wily coyote, and some of their canine relatives.

The Zoo Experience
Katie McKiernan- Naturalist
Seven Ponds Nature Center

Sunday, February 25, 2:00 pm
Zoos and Aquariums have long been a place of wonder and discovery. They have also been the topic of some heated debates for as long as we have kept live animals. Do zoos and aquariums serve a conservation purpose or have they become a thing of the past? Naturalist Katie McKiernan (former zoo employee) will talk about the good and the bad surrounding these institutions and how you can make smart choices to help protect animals all over the world.
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