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Help us with a Birdathon pledge

For many years, Seven Ponds has conducted a spring birdathon in Lapeer County to help raise funds for the nature center’s conservation and education activities. Amazingly, the nature center’s annual birdathons have provided tens of thousands of dollars over the years and supported many worthwhile projects. This year’s birdathon is scheduled for May 18.

What’s a birdathon? Good question! Basically, a birdathon revolves around a team of birdwatchers who spend a day in the field trying to see as many bird species as they can. The fundraising part of the event comes from people making pledges to members of the birdathon team. If, for example, someone makes a pledge of $.25 per bird, and the birdathon team sees 100 different kinds of birds, then the pledger would make a contribution of $25.00 to the nature center. Likewise, if a person pledges $1.00 per bird, and the team sees that same 100 species, then the pledger would make a contribution of $100.00.

It’s easy to make a birdathon pledge! Simply write your name, address, and the amount of your pledge on a piece of paper, and send it to the nature center (or call it in). You may choose to make a per bird pledge (such as 25¢ per bird), or a fixed amount pledge (such as $25.00). It may help to know that the birdathon team will probably see from 90 to 125 species of birds on the day of the count. Once the birdathon is over, you will be sent a list of birds seen by the birdathon team and a bill for the amount of your pledge. Join the fun!