2021 Winter Series

Each winter Seven Ponds sponsors the Winter Series, a series of programs highlighted by noted naturalists and photographers, live animals, fascinating natural history, and enjoyment for all ages. This year each of our Winter Series programs will be presented by one of our staff. Sessions are open to everyone, but pre-registration is required. Come out for one or all of these programs. Seating is limited and COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place. Register by clicking on the program title.

Whoooo Goes There? Michigan's Magnificent Owls!

Daryl Bernard

Seven Ponds Nature Center Executive Director

Sunday, February 7, 2:00 PM

Michigan is home to ten species of owls, but many people live their entire lives without coming across most of these amazing predators of the night. Through photographs, voice recordings, specimens, and interesting details about their habits and habitats, we will explore the wonderful world of the owls of Michigan, from the tiny Northern Saw-whet Owl to the ghostly Snowy Owl. We will also discuss locations where some of these owls can be seen in Michigan. This program is intended for adults and older children.

Rabbits of North America and the World

Katie McKiernan

Seven Ponds Nature Center Naturalist

Sunday, February 14, 2:00 PM

From Alice in Wonderland to the Jade Rabbit of the moon goddess Chang'e, rabbits have captured our hearts for generations. Of the many species belonging to the family Leporidae, two of them call Michigan home. We will take a look at how rabbits live today and how they have inspired legends and stories from around the world. This program is intended for adults and older children.

Let's Go To The Beach!

Nicole Kopas

Seven Ponds Nature Center Naturalist

Sunday, February 21, 2:00 PM

Feeling a bit cold lately? Let’s get out of Michigan for the afternoon and go to the beach! Saint John is a US Virgin Island located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico. Roughly 60% percent of the island consists of the Virgin Islands National Park. We will be learning about some of the island’s history and the research that Naturalist Nicole participated in during college. The research focused on coral species diversity, health, and size around the island. Join Nicole for an afternoon at the beach! This program is best for 12 years and up.

How the Americas' Indigenous People Shaped the World

Carrie Spencer

Seven Ponds Nature Center Chief Naturalist and Director of Environmental Education

Sunday, February 28, 2:00 PM

Our modern world owns many of its attributes to the native peoples of the Americas from capitalism to food domestication to the medicines we use today. This afternoon we will spend our time learning about the amazing contributions these peoples have made to shape the world we live in today. This program is best suited for adults and older children.