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3854 Crawford Road ● Dryden, MI 48428-9776 ● (810) 796-3200

Birdseed Saturday

October 26, 2019       9:00 to 5:00

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Gift Shop Sale & Bake Sale & Used Book and Multi Media Sale

10% Off all gift shop merchandise including birdseed!

Members receive 20% off and discount does not apply to sale or clearance items. Coupons can be redeemed from 10/26/2019 through 11/1/2019.

Wildlife Recovery Association with Joe Rogers

Program begins at 2:00 PM

You can look straight into the dark eyes of a Barred Owl.

Learn how American Kestrels guard their food.

We typically introduce, and give samples of:

adaptations (such as camouflage and mimicry),

language (both vocal and behavioral), and vocabulary

terms such as niche, habitat, and symmetry

– in ways that are easy to understand.

A family event!