Volunteer with Seven Ponds!

Seven Ponds Nature Center is always looking for dedicated volunteers to help out in a variety activities throughout the year. Adult, college and high school volunteers who are willing to lend a hand are welcome. We appreciate any time you can give us no matter how big or how small. Please complete the Volunteer Interest Form or contact Adrianna Allen at aallen@sevenponds.org if you can lend a hand in any of the areas described below. You can also call the nature center at (810) 796-3200 for more information.


Adult (ASNAT) Classes

Do you love teaching people about our natural world? Does working with kids excite you? You might be interested in becoming one of our dedicated Assistant Naturalists (ASNATs for short.) ASNATs help in leading groups of all ages but focus mainly on children visitors. ASNAT classes are given once a month to better prepare for interpreting the world around you to our inquisitive guests. Come strengthen your skills and inspire people for years to come.

These adult classes are held on the third Thursday of the month and start at 3:00 PM. Classes are open to Assistant Naturalists only. If you would like to become a part of this rewarding program, please fill out and submit an interest form.


Thursday, June 21, 3:00 PM

Take flight into the night as we learn about these nocturnal mammals.

Volunteer Opportunities

Land Stewardship

With almost 500 acres to call our own, many hands make light work. We are always looking for people who enjoy being in the middle of it all at Seven Ponds. Pulling invasives, nestbox monitoring, trail trimming, and general habitat restoration are one of the many tasks that can keep our land beautiful.

Nest Box Monitors

We are again looking for dedicated volunteers to monitor our songbird nest boxes this year. This very important opportunity helps us to keep track of not only bluebirds, but also wrens, swallows, chickadees, and other small birds that use these boxes. Please contact Naturalist Madison Christol mchristol@sevenponds.org.

SPNC tree swallow nestling


If you like repairing and building new projects, then helping in the maintenance department might just be the thing for you. With almost 500 acres and three buildings to take care of our dedicated maintenance staff is always hard at work. If you like working with your hands by mulching trails, clearing fallen trees, mowing, building a wide variety of projects, machinery repair, and more, you will find fulfillment in this area.

Garden Volunteers

Volunteers are also needed to join the Herb and Garden Groups in caring for the beautiful gardens at Seven Ponds. These gardens are a beautiful focal point during the summer months for teaching and reflection. If you are interested in doing general garden maintenance for the Butterfly Garden, the Herb Garden or the Woodland Wildflower Area, please submit a Volunteer Interest Form.

Special Events

Seven Ponds holds several special events throughout the year to celebrate or raise money for the nature center. Volunteers are always needed for Holiday Auction, Corks and Caps, Winterfest, Party at the Ponds, Eco Days/The Native Plant Sale, and Enchanted Woodland. If you thrive around a lot of people and activity, we would love to have you. Please contact Katie McKiernan at kmckiernan@sevenponds.org or (810) 796-3200 if you wish to learn more about each event.

Friends of Seven Ponds

One of our most active and vital volunteer organizations is the Friends of Seven Ponds, also known as “The Stingers.” If you would like to help out with the Bake Sales, Book Sale, Rummage Sale, Resale Shoppe, and the Holiday Auction, The Stingers would love to have you.

The Stingers meet at 10:00 AM on the first Tuesday of each month, April through October. Some like to stay after and enjoy a brown-bag lunch or visit a local restaurant. To join, complete the Volunteer Interest form or contact the nature center at 810-796-3200 for more information.


Seven Ponds has a large scientific collection that we continue to grow for teaching purposes. At the beginning of each year we need dedicated volunteers to help taxidermy our salvaged specimens for permanent housing at the center. This is only available to adults who can commit to working on a specimen start to finish. Animal Care opportunities may also be available to help in the feeding and cleaning of our live animals housed in Critter Corner.

Thank you for your interest in Seven Ponds Nature Center volunteer opportunities!